How do the rich get rich?

Our lives are programmed from an early age to get an education, get a good job and earn a good income.What happens in the process is that we make our employer rich,we pay taxes to the state and we make the banks rich.We have very little left for ourselves.

The rich however do things differently.They start accumulating assets which will generate an income so that they don’t have to rely on a job for a living.This does not mean they don’t work. The difference is that they are not slaves to their jobs or profession!

But how can I do that if I don’t have any money ? It’s quite simple really if you know how. Read the next post for answers.


One Response to “How do the rich get rich?”

  1. Zuleik Amla Says:

    Salaams…. I found that very interesting. And it made me curious to learn more. What you said in your introduction made me believe that you have the answer to getting rich. Also , I like the simple style that you use. It makes it easy for me or anyone else for that matter,to understand. So, how do we get to learn more of the art of building our fortunes.

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